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Terms & Conditions
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Transport services: The transport services rendered by us to you from time to time will be subject to these standard terms and conditions and any document in writing signed by us from time and time only. We shall not be bound by any terms, conditions and stipulations imposed by you in any order forms, instructions or other documents issued by you .
Authority: You will be bound to any order form and instruction, whether in writing or not,in respect of transport services and we shall be entitled to act thereon. It shall not be a defense in your favor that the person/s issuing such order or instruction was not authorized or entitled to do so.
Licenses and permits: If any licenses and permits are required for the transport of particular goods we will not transport the goods unless such licenses and permits have been obtained. We may obtain such license or permits (in which event you will be entitled for payment as set out above) and you will perform such acts and such documents as may be required for this purposes. Alternatively, we may require you to obtain such licenses and permits and furnish proof to our satisfaction that they have been obtained.
Demurrage: We shall not be liable for any demurrage or storage charges. Should any charges be incurred by us you agree to pay these to us on demand.